Hard work and a little bit of luck

Hard work and a little bit of luck

Hope Floats

With this year’s results likely to come out on Tuesday evening, some students are a bundle of nerves while others are cool as a cat. Metrolife caught up with some of the students to find out how they are dealing with the stress and what their expectations are.

Most students say they are eagerly waiting for the results. “I did not do so well in physics but I am expecting a result of about 90 per cent,” says Dipthi Naren, a student of KLE, Rajajinagar. But chemistry has been a sore point for a few students.

“I am a little nervous. The chemistry paper was a bit difficult but I am hoping to get over 90 per cent,” says L Karthik Reddy, a student of St Joseph’s PU College.  “I think I will score around 80 per cent in chemistry but the rest would be fine. I am a little nervous about the results though,” says Ashank A, a student of Jain College, VV Puram.

There are also those who are taking things as they come. “These exams are comparatively easier than the competitive papers so I did some last minute preparation for them. I think I will score around 80 per cent,” says Shravan K S, a student of KLE, Rajajinagar. Others are trying to keep their expectations low.

“Even if you have done well, the results depends on the examiner correcting the paper. I am expecting a good result but I don’t want to commit to anything,” says Nihar Jagadish, a student.

And from what it seems, most parents are trying to keep their cool too during this time. “My parents are not that nervous. It is a nail-biting time for us as our future depends on the results,” says Nihar. A few others also have similar experiences to share. “I have told my parents that I might go for re-evaluation for physics but they are not taking it very seriously. They think I should be alright with how much I score,” says Dipthi.

But with competitive exams taking the front seat, is the importance of the results still the same? “My parents are not that worried about these results. They are more worried about the results of the competitive exams,” says Shravan.

But not all agree. “These exams play an important role in deciding my future. I have given the CET and from what I know, 50 per cent of the PU exam results are taken into consideration along with the CET results,” says Karthik. The official website is www.puc.kar.nic.in