Twinning programmes to offer double the benefit

Twinning programmes to offer double the benefit

Twinning programmes to offer double the benefit

The first year of study will be in India and the last two in Swansea. SJCC has been ranked 10th in India in an India Today — AC Nielsen survey conducted in 2010, and continues to remain one of the top 10 Commerce institutes in the country.

Swansea University (UK), a traditional and research oriented University established in 1920  shares similar values to SJCC. It has been rated the 10th best in the UK for The Best Student Experience (THES 2009) and is particularly known for its excellence in Accounting, Finance, Business and Management, Economics, Engineering, Computer Science and Law.

The University boasts strong industry links and also has work placement programmes specifically geared for international students. Moreover, Swansea boasts a much lower cost of living as opposed to other British cities, making it an affordable option for Indian students. It is also the 6th safest city in the UK.

The final undergraduate degree will be awarded by Swansea University and the following are the specialisations that students can choose from: BA Business Management (Accounting); BSc Business Management (Economics); BSc Business Management (Accounting); BSc/BA Business Management; BSc Business Management (Finance); BSc Business Management (Information Systems); BSc Accounting & Finance; BSc Business Management (Marketing); BSc Economics; BA Economics.

Who can join

To join the International Graduate Scholarship programme, St Joseph’s College of Commerce will be handpicking students who are ambitious, promising and versatile. Those who can show that they have the vision and capacity to benefit from a global graduate programme can send in their applications.

What are the benefits? 


This is a scholarship programme. It means that the fees are considerably reduced. Students opting for this course will save around 20 lakhs over a period of 3 years. The first year at SJCC enables students to save on international tuition fees and living expenses. Furthermore, the one year in India prepares you for the second year entry into Swansea.

The final degree will be awarded by Swansea University which is internationally recognised. It means that with this degree students can study for their Masters course anywhere in the world, or even opt to work.

Most twinning programmes are for four years. This programme is a fast track global programme conducted over three years. It means that students graduate faster and start working and earning quicker.

*International education

Students will be studying across the globe from two premier trusted institutions. This challenging programme will give you a fresh perspective on yourself, India, the UK and the world.  

As part of this programme students will be exposed to diverse people and viewpoints, and will get to experience a different way of life apart from theirs in India.  

*Better career opportunities

Studying across the globe can be an incredible resume booster for students, as it shows prospective employers that you are motivated, independent, and generally more qualified. Today’s competitive job market requires applicants to distinguish themselves, and international education experience is the perfect way to do so.

The application deadline is May 14, 2011.

How to apply

Step 1: Pick up the application form at St Joseph’s College of Commerce or download it from

Criteria for application: Minimum 55% in any stream in 10 and 11 (HSC/ ICSE/ CBSE/IB/A levels or equivalent) from a recognised board.

For more details, contact the scholarship team at (080) 32904268 or (0) 9731388841. Alternatively, email: