Residents vent ire against MSEZ

Residents vent ire against MSEZ

People visiting Mukka NITK beach just to see the barge which has listed. DH PHOTOAfter facing protests from fishing community from Mukka, now the company is earning wrath from the local residents of Kuthethuru.

The company is set to take up pipeline work on private road which has evoked stark opposition.

The private road is used by people for transport. MSEZ has not taken any prior permission and for its selfish cause is taking biased decision and dictating their terms to the commoners, alleged the residents of Kuthethuru.

MSEZ construction company Punj Lloyd had destroyed the roads by driving heavy construction vehicles on it and re-concretised it again in response to the protest of the residents. Now they have not taken permission from the land owners near the private road and have started with the pipeline works hence carrying on their own whims, they added.

No permission

Permude Gram Panchayat has expressed its opposition on the effluent pipeline by MSEZ which will join Mukka Sea from Kalavara-Kullar road. Though MSEZ had asked for permission, the GP had denied it, informed Gram Pamchayat Member Shridhar Shetty in a press release.

When MZEZ works were about to take place, it was stopped by the protest from people. The locals had even warned when MSEZ tried to continue the work in spite of protests.


The barge that was anchored to carry on the pipeline work sank on Tuesday. Due to this, there is a danger of oil leak from the barge as well as the earthmoving equipment. This has created a sense of fear among the local fishermen community.

False clarification

Mogaveera Community leader Shobendra Sashitalu said that the clarification given by MSEZ is far from truth. He said that the blueprint of the pipeline work shown by the company is itself false.

He has asked the MSEZ officials to stop discussing the issue in their AC chambers and instead come out in open and hold a discussion with the community members. They should not resort to mislead the people by giving false clarification, he warned.

Mukka now tourist spot

Mukka NITK beach has turned into a tourist spot with people visiting the place just to see the barge which has turned turtle.

The barge which was installed with regard to the MSEZ effluent pipe line works made news when it turned turtle and people now unable to contain their curiosity are visiting the spot in large numbers and some are even clicking photographs.

No works have been undertaken to lift the barge. There are chances that the Hitachi equipment is destroyed. The construction company which has taken contract from MSEZ is facing a huge loss. The workers who have come from North India to work in the barge are now tensed with no work. On the other hand, the fishermen are worried that the barge being turtle has caused oil leak.