Razak, Nellikunje emerge victorious in assembly polls

Razak, Nellikunje emerge victorious in assembly polls

Muslim League supporters taking N A Nellikunje and P B Abdul Razak, winners of the party for Kasargod and Manjeshwara Assembly polls, in a procession from counting centres in Kasargod on Friday. DH PHOTO

The Muslim League, which lost Manjeshwar constituency during last poll has struck back to power this time with League’s P B Abdul Razak emerging victorious with a margin of 5,823 votes. Last year C H Kunjhabbu of LDF had won with a margin of 4,829 votes.

This year, LDF has literally lost its face by toppling down to third position. BJP’s K Surendran has made it to the second position. Last year League’s candidate Cherkala Abdullah was defeated by Kunjhabbu. Then UDF had been in third position.

In Kasargod, Muslim League candidate N A Nellikunje defeated his opponent by 9,738 votes. BJP’s Jayalakshmi N Bhat gave him a very close fight. Last year League’s candidate C T Ahmed Ali had won with margin of 10,342 votes.

In Kanjhangad, LDF candidate E Chandrashekaran won with the margin of 12,178 votes against his UDF opponent M C Jose.

LDF’s K Kunhiraman won over UDF’s C K Sridharan with a margin of 11,297 votes in Udama constituency. Trikkaripura fell into the hands of K Kunhiraman of LDF with a margin of 6,787 votes. He defeated his close contender K Gangadharan of Congress.

Votes polled

Kasargod-N A Nellikunje-Muslim League- 53,068; Jayalakshmi N Bhat-BJP-43,330; Asish Kadappura-INL-16,467

Manjeshwara- P B Abdul Razak-Muslim League - 49,759; K Surendran-BJP-43,931; C H Kunjhabbu-CPM-35,067

Udama-K Kunhiraman-CPM-61,646; C K Sridharan-Congress-50,266
Trikkaripura-K Kunhiraman (CPM)-87,765;K Gangadharan-Congress- 59,106; Radhakrishnan-BJP-5,450.

Kanhangad-E Chandrashekaran-CPI-66,640; M C Jose-Congress-54,462; Madikai Kammaran-BJP-15,543.