Hard to find love

Hard to find love

Limited options

It is said that one can find love at any age but those who’ve crossed 25 years find it hard to find love and go on dates. On top of it the pressure of marriage builds up, adding to the misery.

Many young people still rely on arranged marriage and dating never crosses their mind. But those who are uncomfortable with the idea of an arranged marriage, find their own ways of getting around the issue.

“When you are young, you have a better chance of interacting with a lot of people because of college, thus increasing the possibility of dating. On the other hand, after a few years you are handicapped by your circle which consists of co-workers or old friends,” says Aditya Deshpande, a logistics professor. Most agree that finding people to date becomes difficult after a certain age.

“After 25 years, you only come across middle-aged married people at work. And it is hard to find interesting people among the common friends circuit,” says Suchi Roy, a marketing executive.

Other than social circle, early marriages are also something that many complain about. “I think it is because of how our society is. Some sections believe that anyone above 23 years is past their prime age. So a lot of people end up either settling early or give in to their family’s wishes,” says Sandeep Varman, a software engineer. There are a few others who have a more humourous way of looking at the situation. “If love is blind, then it should not be a problem to find someone but at this age, the options get a little limited,” says Kevin Varghese, a software professional.

“By the time you turn 25 years, many of the eligible girls are married, thanks to the great Indian tradition. And this applies to both arranged and love marriages,” he adds.

While external factors are to be blamed for many things even personality changes contribute a great deal. “It becomes harder to find someone when you are older because you are pretty much set in your ways. You know yourself better and thus experiment less. That is what streamlines your choices for an ideal mate,” says Shreya Sharma, a market analyst. But the search continues, however hard it may be.

“It is difficult to date, if you have a very mundane lifestyle and stick around with the same people everyday. Meeting more people in hobby classes and even being open to blind date is a good option,” says Suchi.