'Our relationship is very sacred to me'

'Our relationship is very sacred to me'

Dream lover: Actress Ramyas boyfriend Raphael speaks exclusively to Metrolife

'Our relationship is very sacred to me'

Raphael was seen with Ramya at all the IPL matches held in the City. But the fiercely possessive lady did not allow the City's paparazzi to click them together. But now that the news is out, Raphael spoke exclusively to Metrolife about his relationship with Ramya. He admits that he has found a soulmate in her. Ramya too has no doubts that she has found her ideal match in Raphael. She will soon be heading out with him to Europe in June and return to complete her pending projects. “I will do films for a while,” she said and added, “I would like to settle down after that.”

The couple have been travelling across the country. And Raphael says he’s never been happier. “The food is great and every place has its charm. This is the first time we’ve travelled together. So it was truly special,” he said. Raphael said that he was here not only to spend some ‘quality’ time with his lady love but also to further his business prospects in the City.

“Bangalore is a busy City where people never rest. There’s a lot happening out here. There’s a lot of difference between doing business in Europe and here,” said Raphael who was raised in Lisbon but grew up in different parts of Portugal and has lived in Switzerland for a better part of his life.

Ramya and Raphael met each other, last year during a new year’s eve bash, organised by a common friend. “We hit it off right at the start,” said Ramya. “He’s nice and very supportive. We spend a lot of time with each other to know our common interests and respect each other’s space as well,” she said.

Raphael refused to answer too many personal questions and said, “Our relationship is very sacred to me.” He said their time together was very special and he didn’t want to talk about it to anyone, especially to the media.

Raphael is a big fan of water sports and is a champion in sailing, “I love the ocean and surf whenever I can grab sometime for myself. It calls for a lot of dedication,” said Raphael. He added, “You have to condition your body and stay fit all the time.”

The two hope to travel and explore the country a little more. “I will go with open eyes and would like to see more of the country with Ramya of course,” he concluded.