Two more detained for attack on Dawood's brother

Two more detained for attack on Dawood's brother

Syed Bilal Mustafa Ali and Inderlal Bahadur Khatri were detained in connection with the  probe into the Tuesday night attack that left Iqbal's driver-cum-bodyguard Arif Syed Abubaker dead and another bodyguard injured.

Two people, who carried out the attack, were nabbed by the police late Tuesday, soon after the incident.

Police are trying to ascertain who ordered the attack on Iqbal and and whether it signalled a return to the era of gang wars on Mumbai streets.

Despite wild speculation, police are yet to zero in on any individual or gang.

Iqbal, wanted in connection with a murder case and several land-grabbing cases, including the Sara-Sahara Shopping Complex, was deported from Dubai in 2003.

However, he was later acquitted for lack of sufficient evidence and was said to be leading an ordinary life.