Now, indigenous cows are in great demand

Now, indigenous cows are in great demand

Even amidst great demand for jersey cows, farmers in Srinivaspur taluk are still engaged in the rearing of indigenous cows.

Though in the beginning the farmers had completely given up the rearing of indigenous cows for the sake of more milk, they have now realised its true importance.

Jersey cows give more milk but they are expensive  and also tough to rear.Considering the high price of fodder and its maintenance, the farmers are now reconsidering the value of indigenous cows. The rearing of jersey cows, had led to paucity of indigenous cows in the rural areas thereby affecting cultivation.As a result  medium, small and marginal farmers had to hire tractors for cultivation. However, a tractor cannot compensate for all the work done by oxen. Apart from its use in the cultivation of land, the role played by indigenous cows in increasing the fertility of the soil is pivotal. Use of cow urine and dung  can enhance the soil fertility and undo the damage done by chemical fertilisers.

Eventhough, indigenous cows give less milk, there has been a steady increase in its demand, recently. Also, demand for butter of indigenous cows is more. Rearing of indigenous cows is easy when compared to rearing of jersey cows. Indigenous cows have high immunity and they can be grazed in the woods as well. Thus, indigenous cows will continue to be farmers’ friend.

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