Tedious tamasha

An arrow head of action, goes it’s tagline. And keeping with this adlib, Ramesh Verma, with Ravi Teja in twin avataar, simply dishes out dizzy dhamaka, that is best enjoyed only by Teja’s legionnaires. For the rest the mindless romcom is just dreary date with high decibel madness.

It’s simply Ravi Teja all the way in this high adrenaline vengence drama that revolves around ACP Shyam taking on baddy Dhanraj who has kidnapped and killed his son Moksha. He is helped by Deva who purports himself to be his security officer and endears himself to Shyam’s family but whose wife does not take to him. When Deva is shot, it’s flashback time that speaks of antagonism between Veera and Pedda Rayudu, the man in the garb of a sanyasi.  Veera with its lackadiscal convoluted plot, senseless screenplay and brimming with songs, comedy and fights, is not one’s idea of fun-filled entertainment.

Cliched and purposeless, Veera has nothing gripping in it to have audiences glued to the gibberish it unleashes. While Ravi Teja lives the role to the hilt with his familiar routine, his love interests — Kajal & Taapsee are just glam dolls acting as pretty props for him to prolong the peurile proceedings. Only Chota K Naidu’s camerawork is the saving grace of the film.

The songs and comedy instead of acting as soothing balm only aggregate your misery.  Nothing can salvage Veera including Ravi Teja and there is no salvation for those who land up unwittingly for some refreshing time at the theatre.

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