'Chindustan', the new slogan for India-China friendship

'Chindustan', the new slogan for India-China friendship

Peking University, China's most prestigious institution of higher learning had a Hindi flavour today as over 100 Hindi students and Professors from all over China converging in the campus to celebrate "India Day".

"Hindi is being taught in nine universities in China with the steady increase of students, while India will be introducing Chinese language in CBSE syllabus from next year, which will make us all the 'Chindustanies'", Prof Jiang Jingkui, Head, Department of South Asian Studies of the Peking University said.

Jiang said that during his visits to Tamil Nadu, where the language was not so popular, he insisted the bearers who served him in hotels to speak to him in Hindi with a threat that he would not pay the bill otherwise.

"It worked", he said laughing.

Several Chinese students who took part in the meeting feel confident of getting absorbed by business houses, cashing in on the rapidly increasing bilateral trade, which crossed USD 61 billion last year.

"The job prospects of translators and communicators was rising as India-China business is rapidly growing and we want to tap this potential," Mao Lei, a Hindi graduate student who came from Loyang along with 10 of his class mates said.

The South Asian Studies in Peking University has Indian Study Centre headed by Hindi scholar from India, Prof Davendra Shukla and a host of Chinese professors, specialising in teaching Hindi, besides Sanskrit and Tamil.

With bilateral relations cruising along a positive momentum, the Indian Embassy here organised the "India Day" at the University to highlight job and education opportunities for Chinese students in India.

Addressing the students, Indian Ambassador to China, S Jaishankar said, "India is part of China's past, present and future. Our past connections are visible in many of China's historical monuments, religious traditions and cultural heritage.

"In the more contemporary world, we are both significant elements in the political and economic revival of Asia," he said.

"Looking at the future, it is increasingly clear that India-China relations will play a major role in reshaping the global order. The convergence of interests on key issues like climate change and food and energy security is manifest," he said.

Senior Indian diplomat Arun Sahu said considering the growing passion for Indian languages, efforts are being made by India to galvanise the pool of talent for the betterment of India-China relations.