The joy of meeting classmates

The joy of meeting classmates

Emotions galore

Nostalgic: Madhuri, Keerthana, Latha and Manasa.

College is that bittersweet place, that constitutes memories that are fondly remembered for life.The end of college though fills one with anticipation and joy but those who are out of it also agree that they sometimes wish they could relive those carefree days again.

Over the years, after college as people move on with their lives, college re-unions help in getting people together and relive those old glory days. During chit-chat over dinner, coffee or lunch people get together and remember the good old days.

Though nostalgia is the predominant mood of the day, there also exists a certain curiosity factor to them as people wonder how each one of their classmates has changed. It also signifies change in perceptions, roles, mentalities and physical appearences that create a host of emotions from joy, surprise,envy to shock. Metrolife asked people in the City about how they liked their college re-unions and what was it that they remembered most about it.

Akhila, a CA student says, “College reunions are a lot of fun. Usually after college you tend to hardly keep in touch. Ironically college reunions are also places where you make new friends. During college there still exist some people you don’t really interact with and while leaving college you never really bother taking down numbers as you are too pumped up about leaving .In fact it is after a college re-union that you actually keep in touch, as you miss college and anyone reminding you of those days is like a breath of fresh air. A distraction from your hectic routine.”

Some of the re-unions happen many years after the students have passed out and can be a highly nostalgic affair.Nagendra Prasad, a bank manager, couldn’t agree more. “ I recently met all my classmates after 38 years! I belong to the batch of 1973, Bsc, National college Jayanagar. We were 41 students back then, all of us excluding two who died met along with our families in our classmates house.

Initiated  by B S Srinivas, one of our classmates, it took over six months to co-ordinate with all. People came from abroad and various other parts of the country and the experience was fantastic. Our lecturers were also present and we honoured them. We have decided that we are going to meet every year henceforth,” he added.

Latha N A, an IT professional also agrees that re-unions are really fun. “Our class in puc has met every year since we passed out. We go out for a simple lunch remembering our goof ups in college and all the fascinating people that made up college.”

There are some others who also dislike re-unions. Niharika T, a working professional says, “Sometimes they can be really tacky. I remember going to one of them where only a handful of us turned up. It seemed like such a waste of time as we were all really uncomfortable. I have avoided reunions since then.”