Ahead of fest, City's popular hotel in soup!

Ahead of fest, City's popular hotel in soup!

Addressing mediapersons after a surprise visit to The Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel, Committee Chairperson Ratnamma Shanthaveerendraswamy lashed out at the hotel saying that the meat products being supplied by the hotel were far from desired levels of cleanliness.

Mentioning that the hotel kitchen and cold storage room were unclean beyond comprehension, Ratnamma said a notice will be issued by the MCC and action will be initiated against the hotel.

Committee Member M V Ramprasad said that the hotel was one of the famous landmarks in the city.

While many foreign guests visit the hotel and offers good environment, Ramprasad said that stale meat products stored for three to four days were being cooked and served to the customers.

Mentioning that it was unfair on part of the hotel to do this, he said that strict action will be taken against the hotel.

Hotel’s version

When Deccan Herald spoke to authorities at The Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel, Food and Beverages Manager Bharathan acknowledged that the members of the Public Education and Health Standing Committee visited the hotel unannounced.

Bharathan said that the hotel had served a heavy breakfast in the morning followed immediately by lunch.

He said that the committee members pointed out to the cut meat that had been kept in the open. He clarified, “When the hotel is in the process of providing dishes, the food is kept in ‘big handis (vessels)’.

“While it was being transferred to the secondary dishes, they saw the cut chicken which was maintained at a certain temperature.”

However, Bharathan said that the hotel was yet to receive any formal notice.
Mentioning that the hotel was the last place that would serve stale meat to customers, he said that their chef tastes the food before serving it to the customers.