US wants Gadhafi out soon

US wants Gadhafi out soon

Six loud explosions rocked Tripoli late on Tuesday within 10 minutes, following powerful strikes 24 hours earlier that Libyan officials said killed 19 people. Obama told a London news conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron he could not predict when Gadhafi might be forced to go.

“I absolutely agree that given the progress that has been made over the last several weeks that Gadhafi and his regime need to understand that there will not be a let-up in the pressure that we are applying.”

“We have built enough momentum that as long as we sustain the course that we are on that he is ultimately going to step down,” he said. “Ultimately this is going to be a slow, steady process in which we are able to wear down the regime.”Cameron also echoed Obama’s calls for the departure of Gadhafi.

‘Support to Pakistan’
In a news conference with Obama, Cameron said that allies must work with Pakistan more closely than ever and not turn away. He said Pakistan has suffered mightily in the fight against extremism.Said Cameron: “Their enemy is our enemy.”

‘Emergence of new powers to benefit all’ 
In a rallying call to the Western world, US President Barack Obama on Wednesday denied that the rise of powers such as China, India and Brazil meant the inevitable decline of Europe and the US.

In a keynote spe­ech to Britain’s two houses of parliament, meant to inject new momentum into the tra­­nsatlantic alliance, Obama said Western nations must renew themselves. “Cou­ntries like China, India and Brazil are growing by leaps and bounds,” Obama said, arguing that the emergence of new powers would benefit everyone.

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