The last chance to improve the score

The last chance to improve the score

Final semester

The students have been busy with project works, seminars and internals throughout the semester but now it’s time for them to open their text books and hone their writing abilities.

Metrolife caught up with some of the budding engineers as they prepared for their exams.

Vikram Naresh, a final year information science student at BMS College of Engineering says that he started his exam preparations now. “It doesn’t mean that I am not serious about the exams. As I have only four papers, I can finish the syllabus before the exam. I have gained the practical experience throughout the year from projects, seminars and internals. Hence, clearing the exam is not a tough task,” he says. He adds that this is also the last opportunity for him to improve his aggregate percentage. “I am relaxed because I’ve already been placed. But good marks are important to impress the recruiter. If the aggregate percentage is low, there are chances of losing the job offer,” he says.
Supritha, a computer science student at Rajarajeshwari College of Engineering, is hoping to start her preparations soon as she was busy with her project and internals until now.
 “One week is sufficient to cover all the topics. As soon as the exam commences, I start burning the midnight oil and my eating pattern also gets altered,” she says. “I am preparing my best to excel in the exams as I won’t get this opportunity again. I will definitely miss my college days and exams. Once we enter the professional world, we won’t be able to lead a carefree and fun-filled life like today,” she laments.

Vijay, another student of Rajarajeshwari College of Engineering, prefers to study along with his friends. “We, a group of five friends, have started our combined studies recently. We exchange ideas while solving problems. Studying together helps to understand the subject thoroughly and one can recollect immediately during exams,” he opines.
There are people like Durgaprasad, a mechanical student at AMC�Engineering College, who prefers to study alone.

“In a group study, there are chances of losing concentration and diverting from the topic. So I prefer studying on my own. Moreover, I studied the same subjects during my diploma course. Hence, I am confident of doing well in the exams,” he adds.