State still moons over new cop stations to city

State still moons over new cop stations to city

Long wait!

Giving equal impetus to law and order, crime and traffic, the city police authorities have sought sanction, to open three new police stations, besides upgrading three other branch stations and an outpost, to stations.

But, the irony here is, the proposals, especially that of upgrading branch stations are pending since 2006. They were forwarded during the tenure of then Police Commissioner Praveen Sood.

The incumbent Commissioner Sunil Agarwal said he was hopeful that the forthcoming video conference of acting DG and IG of Police would come to the rescue. The DG wants to know about pending proposals, the police commissioner said.

Taking into cognisance, Saraswathipuram and Kuvempunagar police stations having highest of secluded places, with bigger layouts, it was thought of opening a station at Bogadi, carved out of afore mentioned stations.

Sources said, an area of nine km up to Dasanakoppal, falls under Saraswathipuram Station alone. Bogadi is now situated under Saraswathipuram limits.

Another, at Alanahalli, currently in the jurisdiction of Nazarbad, that has been overburdened, with skeletal staff, compared to its vast jurisdiction of 13 km covering villages like Chikkahalli, Chornalli among others.

The new layouts on the outskirts, on T Narsipur Road has added to the worry of Nazarbad, with frequently occurring burglaries. So much so that, a house of an Inspector was also not spared by the dacoits. Following the very incident, the voice for separate police station became much louder.


Chamundi Hills, one of the prominent tourist spots in the city, with Goddess Chamundeshwari Temple drawing tourists and devotees in hordes with every passing day, the cops feel that it’s time to upgrade the existing outpost to a police station.

The OP is managed by head constable and two constables attached to K R Police Station, on a regular basis.

It’s only during important occasions, during ‘Aashada Shukravara’, car festivals and especially during Dasara and VIP visits, the officers take over the mantle supervising the  bandobust.

The forest cover around the hills makes it highly dangerous, with prankster youths turning it out as their joint. Considering the severity, the cops launch ‘Operation Chamundi’ to get rid of Neanderthals. If the OP is changed to play a bigger role, it would do good to the hill shrine.

The remaining proposals are pertaining to traffic, that has been growing with proliferating population.

Mysore South-is the new traffic station, as requested by the office of Police Commissioner.

It would ease the burden on the existing only three police stations managing traffic related works - KR, Devaraja and NR.

Also the need of the hour is converting the branch traffic stations- Kuvempunagar (branch of KR Traffic), Lashkar (Devaraja) and V V Puram (N R) into a full-fledged police stations.

When cops are becoming more people friendly, with the recently launched ‘Namma Mane’ pilot project, the new stations will not only help  bridge the gap between police and public, but also hone public to be better informers, to check any chances of ‘sleeper cells’ in making.


- Separate police stations at Bogadi, Alanahalli.
- Kuvempunagar, V V Puram, Lashkar Traffic stations to be upgraded.
- Mysore South, another separate facility for traffic.
- Outpost at Ch’hills to be converted into full fledged station.
- City has 16 police stations, besides three dedicated for traffic, and one for women, functioning for long