Method of prayer

Method of prayer


 Yet most of us find it very difficult to pray with single minded concentration. The mind meanders, dwells on our fears and expectations or simply drifts into a state of day dreaming in the process.

Perhaps this is the reason why our ancestors have prescribed methods for prayer.
The rites and rituals, the chants and psalms, dos and don’ts form a diligent framework to execute our faith in almighty in a fairly devoted manner. Community singing in the form of Bhajans, Kirtans, devotional songs, sermons, Pravachans and Paraayans are other forms of sincere attempts to harness the roving thought in the best possible manner. Meditation, Yoga and Pranayama also aim at calming and cleansing the mind by helping it to concentrate.

 In fact all the races across the globe have devised ways and means to help mankind to be meaningfully prayerful. The coming of electricity and electronics has lent sophisticated technical dimensions to the art of prayer. All the same it is a fact that the human mind cannot zero in on one reverential thought for long durations.

Genuine intent and intensity of communication with the supreme power across space and time underlines the power of prayer. If one places complete faith in the Almighty and get on with their lives problems will resolve miraculously given its time and space.

An anecdote from the Puranas substantiates this point. Narada the heavenly saint who constantly chanted the lord’s name wondered aloud about who could possibly be Maha Vishnu’s greatest devotee. The lord pointed out to a hard working farmer who called out his name thrice a day.

The answer disappointed Narada. Then Vishnu asked Narada to balance a pot of oil on his head and walk a stretch without spilling a drop of the liquid. Narada did as directed. Then the sage was asked as to how many times had he chanted the lord’s name while carrying out the task. The saint realised sheepishly that he had forgotten about Narayana when he concentrated on his work.Nevertheless he understood that the supreme force cannot be wooed with just constant prayers.

On the other hand divinity joined hands with those who do not stray from their duty after surrendering themselves completely to the Master Spirit.