Ramya does a 'Sheila'

Ramya does a 'Sheila'

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Different: Ramya in Johnny Mera Naam...

The new peppy number called Padmavati in Preetham Gubbi’s Johnny Mera Naam, Preethi Mera Kaam is creating waves all over.

And why not? After all, people will get to see Ramya in a new avatar which is being compared to Katrina’s look in Sheila Ki Jawani.

Speaking to Metrolife, Ramya says, “It’s a funny take on Sheila ki Jawani. People are shocked to see me in this new look but I have always said that I do only glamourous roles in Tamil movies. When Preetham Gubbi came to me with this song, I thought it would be a perfect way of silencing the critics.”

The song is a dream sequence where the film’s hero, Vijay, imagines Ramya’s character to be a sexy siren.

“But in the film, my character is that of a very simple yet modern girl,” she adds. Shot in various clubs in Bangkok, the song has been choreographed by Kalyan master.

 “We wanted to show the chemistry between Vijay and Ramya. Vijay’s character is that of a tapori guy who falls in love with this sophisticated girl. So the song is about how he wants to see his lady love. The chemistry has come across really well,” says Preetham, the director.

Was it difficult to convince Ramya to dance to such a song? Laughs Preetham, “I have been asked that a lot of times. But contrary to assumptions, Ramya knew that such a song was needed in the movie and was a good sport about it.

The choreographer, Ramya and I sat together and discussed her look and the entire sequence and it went on very well. She even dieted for a few weeks before filming the number. People have really appreciated the song and have actually started calling her Padmavati,” he adds.

The movie has been completed and will hit the screens in June.