House near Shilpa's London home occupied by squatters

House near Shilpa's London home occupied by squatters

The private estate in Weybridge, Surrey, is home to a host of celebrities, including Shetty and former Chelsea star Claude Makelele.

The residents have been asked to be 'vigilant' following the arrival of their new neighbours, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

Six squatters moved into the abandoned six-bedroom Woodlawn Cottage on the exclusive estate last month, and claim they are not acting illegally.
The cottage is worth 3 million pounds.

One unnamed resident said: "It does seem pretty extraordinary that the police can't do anything to get these people off the estate. They have no right to be here, yet the law appears to be on their side - it's completely wrong".

Properties on the estate can sell for 10 million pounds.
Former residents include Sir Elton John, Ringo Starr, Cliff Richard and Kate Winslet.
The estate's management company has now contacted receivers handling the squatters' home asking that they 'take immediate action to evict them', the report said.

A security guard is now employed to keep the property under surveillance and police have set up extra patrols of the area.

But the squatters are unrepentant, claiming they plan to stay 'as long as possible'.

The property was abandoned at least six years ago and has since become derelict.
One of the squatters, Stefan Cybulski, 30, said: "It is legal for me to be here. I found the place on Google maps so I came up to have a look and the place was open".

"The locks had been broken off, no one was living here, it was completely open - so why not?" Cybulski added that the group had caused no damage, cooperated with the authorities, and that the police had been 'very cool'.

A Surrey police spokesman confirmed that officers had visited the property, adding: "Officers spoke with the people inside the property before notifying St George's Hill security staff and the owners of the property, who are pursuing this as a civil matter".