Suu Kyi plans political tour

Suu Kyi plans political tour

Suu Kyi, who spent seven years in detention until last November, was asked at a videoconference in Hong Kong to confirm reports she will launch political rallies across the nation.

“I hope to travel... in the month of June,” the Nobel Peace Prize winner told over 1,000 academics, students and public gathered at the University of Hong Kong.

“Where I will be going I can’t tell you yet. We are trying to work out the itinerary,” she said.
Suu Kyi’s travels around the country have landed her in trouble with the Myanmar authorities several times in the past, but the 65-year-old said she had not been given any safety assurance on her latest planned tour.

“I have not been given any safety assurance,” she said, but added that it was the “duty of the government” to protect every Myanmar citizen.

Suu Kyi’s most recent stint in detention came after her convoy was attacked in 2003 in an ambush apparently organised by a regime frightened by her popularity.