Applications invited under various schemes

Chaitanya scheme

Under Chaitanya Subsidy and Margin Loan Scheme, financial aid up to Rs 1 lakh will be provided for the financial activities which come within the purview of agriculture, business, industry and service sector. The banks will assist the Board for the smooth functioning of the scheme. The Board will provide financial aid of 30 per cent of the project expenditure (maximum Rs 10,000) and will provide 20 per cent financial assistance (maximum Rs 20,000) for the projects exceeding the expenditure of Rs 25,000. The Board will provide margin amount of loan with 4 per cent interest rate. Rest of the amount will be issued by the nationalised banks or other financial institutions as loan for certain amount of interest.  

Arivu scheme

Under Arivu Scheme, loans will be provided to the students, belonging to Category 1 and 2A, who are pursuing engineering, medical or dental courses with free seats. Maximum amount of loan up to Rs 10,000 with 2 per cent interest will be provided to these students.

Micro loan scheme

Subsidy up to Rs 5,000 and loans up to Rs 5,000 with 4 per cent interest rate will be provided to the small businessmen like fruit and vegetable vendors, milk sellers and flower merchants who are the members of self-help groups.  

Chaitanyaself employment Scheme

Under this Scheme, financial aid up to Rs 35,000 will be offered to the nomads, semi-nomads, backward people, landless farm land labourers and unorganised sector labourers belonging to Backward community who wish to take up self employment activities. The help will be extended to them for taking up agricultural, agriculture based, service sector or business activities. Financial aid of Rs 10,000 and loan up to 70 per cent of the total project expenditure (maximum Rs 25,000 with 4 per cent interest) will be given to the beneficiaries.

Artisans scheme

Loan upto Rs 35,000 with 4 per cent interest rate would be provided to the traditional artisans, professional skilled workers and pottery makers for improving their quality of work by purchasing modern equipment, designs and develop the market.

A sum of Rs 5 crore has been reserved for the development of pottery makers, where maximum Rs 30,000 will be given to buy modern equipment, upgrade new designs, while maximum aid of Rs 50,000 with 4 per cent interest rate will be given for constructing the workshops. About 30 per cent of the total amount will be given in the form of financial aid.

Under Ganga Kalyana Scheme, water facility will be provided to the backward small and micro farmers in the form of bore wells, lift irrigation and open wells.

Borewell scheme
Water facility will be provided to the small and micro farmers belonging to Category-1 and 2A, by constructing borewells at a cost of Rs 1.50 lakh. Out of the total amount, Rs 1,00,000 will be given as financial aid and Rs 50,000 will be provided as loan with 4 per cent interest rate.
Under Mass Irrigation Scheme, borewells will be provided to small and micro farmers belonging to backward community, where minimum three farmers having the farm land adjacent to each other (land up to 8 acres) will be given two borewell units worth Rs 2.53 lakh and the three farmers with farm land up to 15 acres will be given three borewell units worth Rs 3.59 lakh.

Interest-free loan

Interest free loan facility will be offered to the backward community students pursuing higher education in Foreign Universities. The students who are pursuing post doctoral studies, P.hD and Masters Degree will be offered interest-free loan of Rs 3.50 lakh per year. A maximum amount of Rs 10 lakh will be provided till the completion of the course.

The students are entitled to submit offer letters from the Foreign University where they intend to pursue higher education. The age limit for the applicants is 35 years. The annual income should not exceed Rs 1.44 lakh. The course duration should be of three years and the candidate should have scored above 50 per cent in their eligibility exam.

Under National Financial and Developmental Loan Schemes for Backward Community members belonging to Category-1, 2A, 3A and 3B, the annual income of the beneficiaries from cities should not be more than Rs 55,000, while the income ceiling is Rs 40,000 for the rural beneficiaries. The age limit of the applicants is 55 years.

Timely loan schemes

The Board will provide loans with 4-5 per cent interest rate for the backward community members who wish to take up self employment under various programmes including agriculture sector, small business, service sector, buying three wheeler goods vehicles, auto rickshaws, Swayam Sakshama, women welfare, educational loan, micro finance etc.

Scheme for women

A maximum loan amount up to Rs 15,000 with 5 per cent interest rate will be provided to the women candidates from self help or Sthree Shakthi groups (belonging to backward community) who wish to take up various group activities.

Applications can be submitted to avail the benefit of the above mentioned schemes.

One can obtain application forms from the District Manager, Devaraj Urs Backward Community Development Board Ltd, In front of Rodrigus Building, Race Course Road, Madikeri. For more information contact the officer at 08272-221656. The last date for submitting the filled application forms is July 31, states a press release from the office of the District Manager.

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