Kejriwal launches attack on Sibal

Kejriwal launches attack on Sibal

He also demanded that all political leaders should declare their assets and liabilities like the civil society members of the joint Lokpal drafting committee did and parties should declare sources of their funding and expenses for organising rallies across the country in the past five years.

Addressing protesters at the day-long fast site of Anna Hazare in Rajghat, he said Sibal has raised questions about civil society calling ministers liars and cheats.

"If we have said so, what is wrong in it? There is so much corruption, is it not cheating? If we are cheated, shouldn't we call them liars? Why shouldn't we call them conspirators?
"This government is indulging in conspiracy as we have seen in the Shanti Bhushan CD episode," he said, a day after he rebutted Sibal's statement claiming that they had never used such words.

The mention of Sibal created unrest among protesters who raised slogans against the minister. Hazare had to intervene to bring peace, saying they were protesting outside Rajghat and has to go by the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi.

On the question of division among civil society, Kejriwal shot back at politicians saying there were differences in Parliament and they unite only when they want a hike in their salaries.
"When did MPs in Lok Sabha were united on an issue? They are divided always. They get united only once when they want a hike in their salaries. If the civil society is divided, then Parliament is also divided," he said.

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