Admission process made easy

Admission process made easy


Admission process made easy

The most nerve wracking and thrilling time in a student’s life has to be when he is planning for college. It is exciting because he is on the threshold of a new beginning which will direct his future, and nerve wracking as there could be a lot of uncertainty regarding college admissions.

But in this technology driven scenario, there is some hope for students. Gone will be the days when students wait in long, tedious queues for admission forms, doubtful about how things would go for them, uncertain about the whole admission procedure. The admission process for schools and colleges is gradually becoming automated so as to simplify it and remove information based discrimination amongst students. 

One such website is Uniapply which is working towards streamlining admission related activities for students. Mr Ranjan Banerjee, co-founder of Uniapply says, “Many students in our country do not get the opportunity to explore the courses and avenues open to them after they finish school as they are unaware of the route that will help them find it.

From websites such as Uniapply, the students are enlightened about various courses on offer in different colleges so that they can make a conscious decision and choose what suits them the most”.

When one is a student or a parent the entire admission process can be seen as stressful. Each college has its own admission standards and process. And it can be overwhelming for students and parents given the amount of time the procedure takes up. For many it’s hard to keep track of all of them. This is where websites and help centres such as Uniapply come into the picture.

The website, Uniapply, offers all relevant information about the myriad courses offered in different colleges, the admission dates, the entrance exams dates and data, thus helping  students choose and decide their future course of action.

Mr Ranjan Banerjee says, “We have tied up and affiliated ourselves with various institutions in Bangalore. All information about the colleges  is collected and uploaded on the website which is validated by the institutions. There is comprehensive information on value-added courses, internships, scholarships, faculty, student-teacher ratio and hostel availability.

“The students can fill in the forms online and submit them through the website. There is no limit to the number of colleges and universities to which a student may apply. The process is very simple. A student has to select the institutions of his choice, fill up the information online, upload the relevant documents like mark sheets etc. and finally make the necessary payments for the admission form.

Thus working parents will not have to travel to and fro for admission forms of these colleges. It can be a boon for outstation students who can save money, and the stress of having to travel to a new city. All formalities can be completed through the net. This provision of form submission will save time, money and energy. The facility is for students across India. If they do not have access to the internet, they can call the call centres of Uniapply free of charge.”

Uniapply also has a provision for conducting personal interviews of the students on behalf of the college that they are affiliated with. Thus out station students from Tier 2 cities will complete their entire admission process in their own city.  Not only that, they are also working towards counseling the students on their career choices. This will help the students in choosing the stream suitable for them instead of them having to opt for subjects in confusion or as a last minute resort.

All help will be provided, from giving information about the admission process to providing room accommodation during the admission period for outstation students. As Mr Banerjee says, “We get a lot of queries from parents regarding affordable accommodation facilities in Bangalore around their preferred college at the time of admission procedure so that they do not have to cover long distances within the city. We give them options for these and let them take the final call.”

To ensure that the admission process for the students is hassle free and free flowing, all help will be extended not only through the website but through their call centres as well. Their appointed experts in the education field would provide all the necessary details about the admission process. They will be easily accessible through the net as well as by phone.

Ranjan believes that, “To ensure effectiveness of the information, the process will be totally transparent. Experts would be prepared with answers to all the questions and queries put forward by students or parents regarding admissions and colleges. In case of confusion or inability to provide information immediately, experts would revert to them after finding the relevant answers.

There are detailed suggestions at each step along the way with the help of which the students will be skillfully guided for the admission process. By reading the information on the website or by directly asking our experts, the students can be familiar with all the components of the admission method. Uniapply is also in talks with various banks for student loans so that students are free from last minute hassles.”

With websites such as Uniapply, students applying for admissions in colleges and universities can hope for stress free times ahead. Log on to for details.

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