'Drama is the new buzzword'

'Drama is the new buzzword'


Though not everyone is convinced about the sincerity behind the ‘satyagraha’ by Ramdev, the question remains whether such theatrics are useful for the common man, who is
often left without a voice. Metrolife asked Bangaloreans if they believe that eye-catching events like these would help in the ultimate goal, which is action against the corrupt.

Moses Raj
Student, St Joseph’s Evening College
“Drama is the new buzzword today. It is the front-runners in these protests who are gaining from such events. And what happened to Baba Ramdev’s fast was of no surprise either. The Lokpal Bill is a breather against corruption but it remains to be see whether it can see the light of the day. I feel change can be achieved only through struggle with effective planning and demands that follow a step-by-step process.”

Arkalgud Abhijith
Student, SJB Institute of Technology
“I feel constant agitation is required. However, it has value only if those conducting it are clean themselves. We should have faith in people like Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal who have taken so much pain in this fight against corruption. The youth should come forward because it is our future which is at stake. The Lokpal Bill should be passed as early as possible as it is required urgently.”

Ashwin Varghese
Student, St Joseph’s College of Commerce
“These agitations are primarily theatrics. They are not going to make a difference as is clear from the demands being made. Black money being declared as national asset is not as easy as it sounds. And more than just the government, it threatens the corporates and capitalists who back the government. They are not going to reveal themselves easily. Moreover, the Lokpal Bill is not a solution. No federal body can ever be a solution to a problem.”

Kowsik K
Software Professional
“I think theatrics is one way to attract the attention of the masses. And given the fact that the Government is reacting to the actions of Baba Ramdev, it seems justified too. Whether it will have any effect on passing the Lokpal Bill, depends on how much of the agitation is philanthropically inclined as opposed to the political ambitions of a ‘yoga’ guru, who incidentally is being backed by the RSS.”

Dijin Dam
Student, Reva Institute of Technology and Management
“What Baba Ramdev is doing is just for his own fame and increasing his popularity among people. Some of his demands like banning the Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes are pretty unreasonable. But I am happy that he has generated so much support against corruption through his actions. In a way, it has created an awareness among the people about black money stacked in foreign banks and it has give people a purpose to fight against corruption.”
As told to Sonal Sher

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