Salutations to nature

Salutations to nature

Nature has a realm of her own in her own flavours, moods and expressions, so various, so beautiful, so ever new. She speaks loud and powerful in her evocative imagery, sings in sublime soft tones of caressing breeze, the glossy feel of cool air, touches the very core to fan the tired human spirit, filling calming energy.  

The unspoiled pristine charm is evidently clear all around for those who can ‘see’ with feeling. The ever changing colours of the landscape, the panoramic stretch exemplifying unity in diversity teach to ‘see and understand life in all its hues. 

The peaceful silence of the night breaks and an auspicious sounding concert of bird-raagas begins, announcing the arrival of the primal nourisher of the worlds..the Sun. He unfurls the pennant of eternal light and the opera of dancing crystal shine begins. The golden-yellow rays spread their warm wake-up calls on the sleepy eye-lids of the earth.

Many a morning, the rays arrive softly to form a pattern of dancing flowers at the thresholds, and enter the houses, make the walls of the houses come alive with light. Inert objects too seem lively- caressed by the warmth of the morning.  Unostentatious miracle, the divine sojourn continues as the day progresses.

In the afternoon sky, expanding clouds, lazily float about like flashing blue mirrors with white woolly frames, with a power to defy conformist shapes. No human mind can give any name to its shape, because they surprise people by becoming something unimaginable and dynamic in their course.

In the evening glow, the gardens stand in a glad tribute to the Maker, flowers look like elegant dancers, swaying to the songs of  the balmy breeze. As one walks around the garden, silent thoughts talk within, one can hear soul-whisperings - unlocking secrets, unleashing wonderment – one can mingle with the serenity around… life’s pains, sorrows, worries vanish while one becomes aware of the peaceful beautiful mysteries around.

 The tall tress in nature, the finest freestanding ‘sculptures’, the trees express a strong personality far removed from the weak human disposition. How rooted and confident, how expansive and giving. Who can replicate their archaic elegance? They seem as though they have eyes that house love and give, arms that hold love and give.

When the soothing, warm orange spreads in the sky, and mingles with the blue and silver white, the evening lady blushes further to deep red as the Sun slides into her lap. She covers herself in cool dark blanket.

In her simplicity, she offers comfort. She teaches to willing disciples great craftsmanship and balanced architecture, and winning colour combinations. Despite ravages by ungrateful man, she doesn’t simply die, but renews herself with more vigour to give out more abundantly from her treasure troves. Salutations to Mother Nature !!

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