'The strength of a script matters a lot'

'The strength of a script matters a lot'

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'The strength of a script matters a lot'

A musician, dancer, singer, VJ, actor, director and producer, Luke has always had his audience virtually eating out of his hands. “I am on my way to setting up an independent TV channel, dedicated to international music. And I am also getting ready to script my next film,” Luke told Metrolife.

It could be his good looks, impressive ways or his sheer compassion for animals which make most women strike a conversation with him and walk away with his phone number. But all said and done, Luke seems to be in a mood for some serious business. “Just as I am a music herbivore, I am a cinematic carnivore. My next script will be horror based.

Here in our horror movies, you find a restless roaming soul. Horror is built around religious superstition. But my film would be one with a lot of added effects. A lady in a white saree, screaming across an empty corridor, will be missing,” he beams.

“Why are Hollywood films so popular in India?” he wonders and answers in the same breath, “People are hungry for varied content, we just need to offer them variety. The present horror formula is done to death.” He thinks Indian film-makers need to get over their ‘star obsession’ and the ‘Khan mania’.

“Why is it that a movie does well only if there is one of the popular Khans is in it or a producer would plug in his money only if a known face is part of the star cast? Why can’t we make a good film with a whole new cast and unknown faces?” he asks. He thinks it’s high time Indian film-makers pushed their creativity beyond limits.

Talking about bold films like ‘Rock On’, Bheja Fry and now ‘Delhi Belly’, Luke points out that this boldness should have happened five years ago. “Believe me just because you use vulgar language or steaming scenes, a film doesn’t become popular. It’s the strength of the script that matters," he asserts. Other than music and movies, Luke loves cats. He has adopted 12 stray cats. “I don’t believe in pedigree. People here don’t know how to manage pedigree, so I think adopting stray is a better option,” he sums up.