'It's not easy to make new friends'


For any student, the first day of college is not an easy one as he or she is surrounded by a sea of unknown faces.

Moreover, many a time, the rules in college are more rigid compared to the rules in school. Metrolife spoke to these freshers to find out how they felt on their first day and also what are their plans for the academic year.

The first thought in everyone’s mind was to find new friends. Said Roopa, “Honestly speaking, I was very nervous at the thought of meeting complete strangers. It is not that easy to make new friends. But eventually, as I spoke to my classmates, my tension was eased.”

Many were a bundle of nerves, but being around like-minded students helped them a lot. Spoorthy added, “On my first day, I met this girl who was so scared that she was literally shivering with fright. But then, my new friends and I spoke to her and she calmed down.”

The teachers too played their role in ensuring that these students did not feel out of place. Said Deepa, “Each one of us was nervous but our teachers assured us that it is usual and that we could go up to them in case we needed help.”

The new batch didn’t have to worry about ragging too as the seniors were more than ready to help them with everything. The fact that they could wear clothes of their choice was met with a mixed reaction. Tanushree opined, “It would have been better if we had uniforms here also. It would have spared us the trouble of choosing a different outfit everyday.” But there were also others like Spoorthy who loved the thought of wearing a different dress everyday. She said, “We have the freedom to wear any kind of dress as long as it is decent and suitable enough to be worn to college.”

These students have an eventful year ahead of them with numerous activities and programmes being held in the college. Said Alok, “I am very keen on taking part in as many events as possible. I would also like to join the college sports team.”

This enthusiastic lot is ready to juggle between studies and extra-curricular activities and thinks that a little hard work can help them.  Said Spoorthy, “Though the subjects we study here are almost the same like those in school, we study everything in detail here.

We are also aware that we will have a lot of assignments and projects to submit. We have to try and strike a balance between all of this and have fun at the same time.”

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