Maria absolved of Grover killing

Maria absolved of Grover killing

Maria absolved of Grover killing

In a judgment that evoked sharp reaction, the court convi­cted Jerome only on the charge of culpable homicide not amounting to murder under section 304 (part I) of the Indian Penal Code which attracts life term in jail or imprisonment up to 10 years. Both he and Maria were also fo­und guilty of causing disapp­earance of evidence under Section 201 of IPC which provides for a maximum three years in jail.

The quantum of sentence will be pronounced on Friday. Both the accused had been charged with murder, criminal conspiracy, common intent and causing disappearance of evidence.

Reacting to the judgment, Public prosecutor R V Kini expressed shock and said they will challenge the judgment in the High Court.

Grover’s father Amarnath said he was unhappy and that the judgment was disappointing for the family.

Noted criminal lawyer Majid Memon said the judgment was an enormous error. The absolving of Susairaj was also wrong because of the way she behaved after the murder in buying a knife and later hacking the body into several pieces.

Giving his reasons for the conviction on a lesser offence, Sessions court judge N W Chandwani held that Jerome had acted on the spur of the moment and that the killing was not premeditated. Grover’s body was hacked into pieces after the murder.

“When he entered the room he was calm. This showed he did not have intention (to murder). Obviously for a fiance, in a situation where he finds a stranger with his partner, would upset a prudent man and he would lose control,” the judge remarked. The court accepted the confession of Maria which she said was voluntary and connected Jerome with the killing of Grover.

According to the prosecution, Jerome had gone to Maria’s residence in suburban Malad on May 7, 2008 where he got into a fight with Grover (26) during which the naval officer stabbed the victim to death.

Susairaj and Jerome later cut the body of Grover into pieces and disposed it of in Manor forest in Thane.