A matter of life and death

A matter of life and death

Construction worker donor
Nineteen-year-old construction labourer Bhaskar donated his organs four months ago.  He had fallen from a bus in Dharmapuri and was declared brain-dead by St John's Hospital doctors.  His mother, Gowramma, a house-maid had learnt about organ donation watching  a TV channel.  Bhaskar's kidneys, liver, heart valves and eyes were retrieved to be donated to the needy recipient in the City. 

Akshay Kumar
Akshay suffered liver cirrhosis at a tender age of one-year and required a liver transplant to survive.  His parent left no stone unturned to save little Akshay.  After much consultation with many doctors, Akshay father got a call from ZCCK about a five-year-old girl who was brain-dead from Trichy.  The girl's liver was harvested and brought to Bangalore to be transplanted to Akshay.  The little boy is a healthy two-year old now.

P L Reddy Babu 

A jaundice patient for six months, the condition of Reddy Babu’s liver started deteriorating in May, 2008. Doctors at a Hyderabad hospital advised him to go for liver transplant. A month later, he went for a second opinion in a hospital at Tirupathi. A doctor referred him to Manipal Hospital in the City. In January this year, he received a full liver from a cadaver donor. Recovering fast, he is now back to handling his business. 

G Venugopal
Waiting recipient

This 35-year old man was diagnosed with renal failure three weeks back and has been under dialysis since then.  He has spent more than Rs. 20,000 till date on his treatment.  His blood group is B positive and his blood pressure is very high.  He is a waiting recipient to receive kidney from matching donors and has registered himself under Zonal Coordinating Committee of  Karnataka.

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