Breathing life into the character

Breathing life into the character

Neha Marda

Neha Marda made her television debut with the serial Saath Rahega Always. She worked in a number of serials after that.

But she became a household name with her character Gehna in Balika Vadhu. But the actress had to work a lot to get into the character.

“Gehna has emerged as a strong character now. But initially, there were scenes which required tears. I was not even allowed to use glycerin. On the sets, I was kept away from the rest of the cast. The director would ask me to recall the sad moments of my life. Once I was all worked up, I would be called in to give my shot.”

But Gehna’s tears have touched her fans so deeply that they have all the sympathies for the girl. Neha shares one such story.

“I was in a mall, where an old lady on wheel chair approached me. She hugged me and said ‘Gehna, if your in-laws don’t give you food, leave them and come to my house; I will give you food. And if Vasant ill-treats, leave him and stay with me’. That was so cute, and I felt so touched that I couldn’t stop myself from hugging her back. The incidence made me realise how much I am loved by my fans.”