I have a special person with me always
With whom I share my feelings
She always encourages me to do
good things
She is the  strong pillar of my life

She always sacrifices her happiness
And struggles for me all the time
A smile on her beautiful face makes
Others  forget their great sorrow

She will never worry  about
any difficulties
She will face them with a  cute smile on her face
She will never think of her life but
She always takes care of others, in her life

I have come across many people in my life
But I have never seen such a great person
God has blessed me with a special gift
The special gift in my life is “My Loving Mom”.

M Deepa Lakshmi,


As soon as I fall She is with a Band-Aid at my side
As soon as I cry She offers me a tissue and a jolly ride!
If I am alone in a dark room She is there with a light
If I am really down She blooms my life bright!
If I am lost somewhere She is there to guide me back
If I am really ill She comes with a bundle of joy in a sack!
She is like a shadow
She is like a glow
She is like a star
She is like a river which can ever flow!
She is unforgettable In every fantastic moment
She is good and loving In every way I can comment!
A person in everyone's life
She is someone each of us need
A person you can ever forget
She is a splendid friend indeed!

Prakruthi Harihar
VII std 'D' sec
Sri Kumaran’s Children’s Home (C.B.S.E.)

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