Aussie kills Indian wife, child

Aussie kills Indian wife, child

The bodies of the women, an Indian social worker, and her daughter were found by hikers at the base of Echo Point in New South Wales.

The 43-year-old man, who met his wife in an Internet chat room before she moved to Australia, reported them missing a month before their remains were discovered. He later confessed to the murders, telling police he killed them at their Blacktown home and then drove their bodies in the boot of his car to the Blue Mountains.

He said he told two family members who were with him to go for a walk and then pushed the bodies off a cliff.

The woman had moved to Sydney with her daughter after meeting the man online.

But soon after they got married in 2007, the woman confided that her new husband had become possessive, controlling and had threatened to kill her or have her deported.

The woman wanted to leave him and move in with her sister but she was told by authorities that she would be in a breach of her visa.

The woman also wanted to travel back to India to donate a kidney for her sick mother, but her husband hid her passport and personal documents to prevent the trip.

“This man knew of her plan and he knew our mother could have been saved. There will be three deaths, not two, because of this man’s evil actions,” the woman’s sister said.

The man will be sentenced  later this month.