'I like taking things slow and steady'

'I like taking things slow and steady'


'I like taking things slow and steady'

Pretty: Manjari Phadnis

Choosy as she is about her projects, Manjari says that she has no regrets and is happy with the kind of films she has been doing. From playing a school girl in Rok Sako To Rok Lo, a corporate professional in ‘Mumbai Salsa’ to a girl from a dysfunctional family in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Manjari has shown as much variety as she could in a brief period of time. After dabbling in a few Telugu films, now the actress is venturing into the Kannada film industry through Prashanth Raj’s Dilkush.

“Venturing out of Bollywood was never my plan. But when I started getting offers from the Telugu film industry, I thought why not? Then I started following the Southern film industries more keenly. I found them to be a very good platform and technically more advanced. I have seen Prashanth’s work and found his way of telling stories fresh and interesting and when I heard the script of Dilkush, I thought it would be a great break into Kannada movies,” Manjari tells Metrolife.

The film will see Manjari playing a college girl. Describing it as a beautiful character, Manjari says, “The character is full of life. She is bubbly and looks at life in a whole new way. When she comes across the hero, she manages to change his perspective on life and love.”

Having shot for just a promotional video in Bangalore, Manjari says that it was love at first sight for her when she first saw the City. “I loved Bangalore. I used to have a friend living here who used to tell me so much about the City but I never got a chance to come during that time. But I guess it is never too late. I am looking forward to shooting in the City,” says Manjari.

This being her first film in Kannada, language does prove to be a challenge. But the actress is confident that she will learn all of her dialogues before coming on the sets. “Any new language is always a challenge but the problem with me is that I cannot take prompting while I act. That is why I have requested for the script before the shoot so that I can learn the lines and perfect them before I go in front of the camera,” she says.

Her last release was Zokkomon and she will soon be seen in ‘I’m 24’, a movie that she has finished shooting for. She is eagerly awaiting its release now. “I am excited about this project. I play a glamourous beauty pageant contestant. It is a very different and interesting script. I am in talks with a few production houses but since I like to take things slow and steady, I am taking my time before signing any of the offers,” she signs off.