Community leaders fret over silence in villages

Join hands to arrive at amicable solutions

They are continuously baffled by the “orphaned” feeling in the villages and vehemently hope that the situation returns to normal. The village residents also fear that the incident should not recur, leaving behind a trail of disasters.

In order to seek solution to the impending problem, the supporters of Dr M C Sudhakar and former minister K M Krishna Reddy met on Tuesday evening and tried to discuss the matter.

They pledged themselves to strive and arrive at an amicable solution.

Make accused list public

The leaders are of the opinion that the police should first make the list of the accused public, in order to make the residents return back to their villages.

In two separate incidents, as many as 800 and as many as 1,000 people have been listed as accused. The residents of the villages are apprehensive that as many as at least 2,000 people will be arrested in the lynching cases, they add.

They further say that it is but natural for the crowd to gather whenever an unsavoury incident takes place. And the crowd also swells into large number, out of curiosity.
But this did not mean that all of them were accused and it was inappropriate to treat
all them suspiciously, the leaders add.

Police told not to fuel panic

MLA Dr M C Sudhakar visited the villages of Murugamalla hobli on Tuesday and tried to instill courage among the residents, reports DHNS from Chintamani.

He said, “It was a gory incident, which should not have taken place. It was really a matter of shame. But whatever happened has happened. We should try to come out of it.”

Also, it was wrong on the part of the police to arrest the innocent and create unnecessary fear among them. Already, the people attribute the gory incidents, owing to police failure over the law and order situation in the villages. Now, by unnecessarily including the names of the innocent in the lynching incident, will only further increase their ire on the police, he said.

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