ASI faces ire for spreading misinformation about Goa monument

ASI faces ire for spreading misinformation about Goa monument

ASI faces ire for spreading misinformation about Goa monument

A group of heritage activists have informed ASI that the famous Gate of Adilshah Palace, which has been protected as a heritage monument, was actually constructed by Hindu Kadamba rulers and not Adilshah, a Muslim ruler, as claimed by the central heritage agency.

"The ASI has put up a plaque that says that this is the Gate of the Palace of Adilsha at Old Goa.I strongly debate and oppose this statement by ASI since the granite grill on either sides of this granite structure show clear figures of the Kadamb Lion, Peacock design, flowers and Hindu deities," Sanjeev Sardesai, a renowned heritage activist, told PTI.

The monument is located in front of St. Cajetan's Church at Old Goa, 10 kms away from here and is a part of cluster of World Heritage Monuments notified by UNESCO.

"This gate made of Basalt consists of two pillars decorated with mouldings and fragmentary lozenge shaped perforated screens. The linter above the pillars is not original towards the inner side. Some structural remains of laterite have been exposed which might form part of this complex," the plate inscripted below the arch by ASI reads.

Sardesai said with the 3000-year-old Bamiyan, Afghanistan Buddha statues incident fresh in mind, does it not seem odd that a Muslim ruler would think it proper to put Kadamb motifs and Hindu Deities at the entrance of his palace.

"To my knowledge in the Muslim faith, they do not rever any idols or figures and pray facing towards Holy Mecca.Then how come a claim is made that this Gateway is that of Adilshah's Palace," he argued.

Goa was ruled by Adil Shah of Bijapur from 1469 and before that Kadamba dynasty ruled the western state along with the neighbouring territories.The dynasty rule ceased when Portuguese colonized the state.

ASI officials said the monument was protected right from Portuguese time, which ended on 1961.

"It is notified since Portuguese period. The heritage activists have been raising objection stating that its not Adil Shah's gate," ASI Superintending Archeologist Dr V Shivananda Rao said.

"Unless we excavate the place, we cannot say anything. Whatever heritage activists say is their opinion," he said.

Prajal Sakhardande, an active heritage activist and executive member of Goa Heritage Action Group, said that he has been writing often to the ASI.

"But the officials are not even bothered to fix the error," he said.