Cameron hails move to protect Southall gurdwara

Cameron made a special mention of the efforts in his statement during the special session of the House of Commons, as he highlighted how Britons in many places had come forward to protect and clean up their neighbourhoods.

"(In) the past few days we have seen a range of emotions sweep this country: anger, fear, frustration, despair, sadness – and finally a determined resolve that we will not let a violent few beat us," said Cameron.

He added: "We saw it in the hundreds of people who stood guard outside Southall Temple, protecting it from vandalism".

Answering a question from Labour MP from Ealing Southall Virendra Sharma, Cameron said the "whole country admired" the way the group rallied together to protect the gurdwara, and he said had "huge admiration" for people who protect homes and businesses in such times.

He said: "I would like to pay tributes to the people of South Ealing for what they have achieved", he said.

Over 700 people holding swords, kirpans and hockey sticks had come together to protect the largest gurdwara in London when threatened by riots, chanting 'Jo bole so nihal, sat sri akal'.

Hooded youths were seen in the areas, but had been frightened off by the large presence outside the gurdwara.

Ealing Southall in west London has a large population of Indian origin people. Virendra Sharma invited Cameron to visit his constituency and meet the people who stood guard outside the gurdwara.

A group of rioters tried to attack the heart of the area in the early hours of Tuesday, but soon a groups gathered to protect the gurdwara as community elders asked for help.
The volunteers stood guard at different parts of the town, keeping in touch via their mobiles.

Speaking during the vigil, gurdwara general secretary Parvinder Singh Garcha said: "We want to show them (the rioters) we are here together. We want for them to discuss if they have a problem, we will address that with them but certainly we will not stand for any kind of wanton violence".

Local resident Amarjit Singh Klair said: "We are working alongside the police, they're doing what they can but they're stretched".

"Why shouldn't we defend our homes, businesses and places of worship? This is our area. There's lots of talk about it kicking off here. But we're ready for them".

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