Anna 'ill-advised', says Aruna Roy

On Saturday, social activist and National Advisory Council (NAC) member Aruna Roy termed the government’s Lokpal a ‘bad bill’, but openly expressed her reservation over the methods and direction of Team Anna’s anti-corruption movement.

Though Roy condemned Anna’s arrest, she disapproved of his criticism of democratic institutions and termed this trend “disastrous”.

Democratic institutions should not be derided, she said. “We must assert our rights. But to get rid of these institutions would be a great disaster for all the people in this country. Therefore we must make it work,” she said.

The NAC member sought to repose her faith on the parliamentary procedure and said there was scope for changes in the government’s version of Lokpal bill.

She said she would present her version of the Lokpal bill before the Parliamentary Standing Committee.

Roy also suggested that Team Anna should take their version of Lokpal bill to the Standing Committee. She said the Standing Committee was an important democratic institution and it could be used in a better way.‘“I still believe if we all go and depose before the Standing Committee and sufficiently with well stacked arguments, we can change the bill around because the government bill leaves a lot to be desired. It is a bad bill,” said the noted activist.

“National Campaign for People’s Right to Information (NCPRI) has prepared a version of Lokpal bill and would present it before the Parliamentary Standing Committee,” she said.
Roy is associated with NCPRI.

“I think Annaji is ill-advised...anyone who says my view should be the only view is wrong,” she said referring to Anna’s deadline for passing the Jan Lokpal bill.

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