Udupi celebrates Anna's victory with tint of hues on canvas

25 artists take part in Kalajatha at Malpe

Kalajatha — the one-day painting expo initiated by the painters and artists from all over the district synchronised the victory celebrations with the tint of hues on the canvas.

The artists visualised Anna Hazare in various forms. All the paintings revealed his association with the common man and as a replica of lay man who was sick of corruption.

Painters scribbled Anna on the canvas portraying him as the new crusader who shattered the stronghold of corruption. The shades brought out the saga of Anna’s 12-day fasting in various forms. Realistic art, abstract art, surrealistic art, folk art and line drawings were part of the painting expo.

Artists began their painting at around 10 am and they took nearly 8 hours to come up with the series of Anna paintings to be exhibited at Government Pre University College at Malpe.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Art camp organiser Vishweshawara Parkala informed that as many as 25 artists from across Udupi district took part in the camp. There were about 30 paintings exclusively dedicated to Anna and his fight against corruption. The camp is solely a tribute to Anna’s victory. “We wanted to celebrate his victory and what else other than scribbling him on the canvas would be the genuine compliment?” he asked.

Veteran Artist B N Acharya’s painting displayed Anna in the midst of corrupt activities and the hues that were used to scribble on canvas indirectly disclosed his dedication towards his struggle and his role in fighting the cause. Acharya said: “I depicted Anna as the guardian of the common man against the corruption and other illegal activities. He is the real hero,” he added. Artist Dada Peer with his abstract paintings and also line drawings, succeeded in his caliber of sketching Anna and brought the Gandhain alive in both forms of art.

He said: “My line drawing displays the victory celebrations and Anna in the midst of huge crowd being part of the celebrations. And my abstract painting on Anna reveals that Anna is the one and only person who can unite entire country during the time of distress. He is a revolutionary person,” he added.

Folk art painter and Rangoli expert Dr Bharathi Marvanthe showed the tricolor in the midst of dotted lines and “diyas” and her art had the title: “Unity in diversity.”

Artist Manjunath Bailur was keen that he portrays Anna as the powerful figure who shook the government and also other political parties and pressurised them to pass the Bill. His realistic painting showed the key of the government in the hands of Anna.

The surrealist sketches exposed Anna’s struggle against corruption as Mahatma’s struggle for independence. Portraiture  Artist P R Bhat was able to display Anna in various moods through eye catching colours. Artist Ramesh Bantakal painted Anna as an Yakshagana artist. Artist Bheemanna Bheeradar’s paintings showed Anna identical with Gandhiji and his Satyagraha.

Kalajatha spew the flow of rainbow colours within the borders of canvas that gave a cultural touch to the celebrations on Gandhian’s victory.

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