Dream-like portraits

Dream-like portraits

celebration mode Badri Narayan with wife Indira and other guests.

His fans were in a celebratory mood given the fact that Badri had largely removed himself from most social gatherings. The artistic community, the P3P and art lovers poured in hoping to meet the man.

S G Vasudev, a prominent artist, captured popular sentiment. Addressing Badri he said, “The artist community has deep respect for you, sir, even though we might not get the time to come and see you.”

The gallery had a special treat for those who had gathered. They were showcasing Indira’s personal collection of Badri’s works. The art lovers were treated to a collection that consisted both, his black and white line drawings and his paintings.

The collection, like most of Badri’s works, is deeply intriguing and completely contemplative. Each work deconstructs the human condition but the answers it provides are constructed as portraits of a dream. Each painting is an engaging puzzle. There is no alternative but to stand and attempt to solve it.

Shashi Hebbar, daughter-in-law of late K K Hebbar, who had purchased an autographed print said, “I like it very much. It communicates to me the stories that were a part of my childhood, like those from Chandammama. They are colourful and celebrate life, as any painting should.”

For some, the paintings and line drawings were a connection to the past, for few others they murmured sagely wisdom. There were also those who felt it was just about the beautiful use of overlapping colours in vibrant jewel tones. The artist himself politely refused to comment on the pictures. This artist who never paints within the lines will tell you: “It’s a swapna, a dream state.”

 For all of those of you who dream of owning a Badri, here is your grand opportunity. Rajani Prasanna, co-promoter of the Renaissance Gallerie, informed Metrolife that 75 autographed prints are on sale at the gallery for as little as Rs 200. Badri describes the piece on sale as dream state depiction of a Kinara, “This lion looks like a piece of paper. It’s all imagination.”