Hard work recognised

Hard work recognised

The producers of the film are Sachin and Bindiya Khanolkar, who had earlier produced the Marathi film Mee Sindutai Sapkal, which was directed by Anant.

“I read about Gour Hari Das and his struggle in a newspaper and it intrigued me that a person, who had fought with the British for four years to get our country’s independence, had to fight with our own government for thirty two years.

I felt bad that people who actually fought for its freedom are not even respected and decided to make a film on the 80-year-old living legend,” said Anant.

When Gour Hari went to collect his certificate in Mumbai, the officials sent him away by telling him that he fought for India’s freedom in Orissa and hence, he had to go to the Orissa government, when in the first place Gour Hari Das had fought for the country and not for any state.

Says Anant, “After Gour Hari Daastaan, I am also planning to make a film based on the book written by Dr Mohini Varde on her grand aunt Rakmabai, India’s first practising lady doctor, whose life spanned from the late 1800s to the beginning of 1900s.”