Woman hits two with iron rod

Woman hits two with iron rod

H N Rudrappa and H R Nagaraja were injured in the attack. They work as conductors in KSRTC.


Vijayalakshmi and the two injured persons Rudrappa and Nagaraja are neighbours. There was one switch for getting water  for both the houses. This had led to spat between Vijayalakshmi and them several times. On Thursday there was serious fight and angry Vijayalakshmi is said to have hit them with the iron rod. The injured Rudrappa and Nagaraja are being treated in th hospital.

The police have arrested Vijayalakshmi and are investigating the matter.

She has alleged that Rudrappa, Nagaraj and his family members were harassing her and were picking up fight with her. Vijayalakshmi has lodged an complaint against Rudrappa and Nagaraj.

The police are investigating the matter.