Teacher in London becomes Somalian deputy PM

Teacher in London becomes Somalian deputy PM

Mohamed Ibrahim, 64, was a learning support teacher at the Newman Catholic College in Brent, north London, for the past two years.

Ibrahim was summoned back to Somalia to take up a senior role in the West-backed transitional government which was introduced over the summer, the Daily Mail reported.
Head teacher Richard Kolka said he only found out about Ibrahim's political reputation when he "Googled" his name.

He discovered his colleague had his name on the Somalia government register.
"I first heard that Mohamed was not coming back to school from a Somali colleague, who told me he had been appointed to an important political position. I Googled his name and realised that he had been appointed the new deputy prime minister," Kolka said.

"I just thought Mohamed would be having a normal summer holiday, but when I found out he had helped form a new government I must say I was truly astonished."

"I didn't quite believe it, to be honest, and looked at the calendar to make sure it wasn't an April fool," he said.

Ibrahim later contacted Kolka and said he would not be returning as a teacher because he was now a deputy prime minister.

"I congratulated him - but must admit it was one of those situations where you don't quite believe it is happening," Kolka said.

Somalia has been hit by insurgency and piracy, and is suffering from the worst famine in 60 years.