Modi's fast irks celebrities

Modi's fast irks celebrities

Modi is keeping the fast for the communal harmony Gujarat has achieved in his 10-year reign. Various celebrities used Twitter to express their displeasure.

Shekhar Kapur: "Must say goin on fast is most innovative way of announcing ur candidacy for Prime Ministership, definitely subverts a rath yatra!"

Mahesh Bhatt: "Mothers are divine. Heartwarming images of Modi with his mother flicker on my tv set. I hope Modi begins to practice what he preaches."

Farah Khan (Jewellery designer): "Not convinced with Modi's Sadbhavna fast. Seems like a politically motivated sham towards future votes. Ironic most ppl r so easily convinced.

And wish all politicians cong/bjp etc would stop fasting. Really not going to help solve our real issues of poverty, hunger or corruption.

I'm all for fasts if Politicians lose weight and get fitter. Time they took an 'active' lead in politics not just by 'remote control'."

Pooja Bedi: "I don't think our politicians realise that people like to see them starving! there's no pity! More a sense of 'so now you know how it feels'.

I think its a mockery when politicians fast. they r in positions 2 stop the poor from starving 2 death, & should focus on those that NEED food."

Some even expressed their anger on the rise of petroleum prices.

Ken Ghosh: "Msg At a Petrol Pump: - 'Kripya yaha dhumrapan na kare, Aapki zindagi ki koi kimat ho na ho.., Petrol ki kimat Rs.71.97/litre hai..!' (Please don't smoke here, your life might not hold any value.. but petrol is at Rs.71.97/litre)."

Kabir Bedi: "Petrol is country's lifeblood. 50 percent price rise in 2 years! Govt profits thru taxes, we suffer higher prices, inflation, interest rates. Petrol price rise is rape of citizens.

Centre & States take 51 percent of price as taxes. Why don't they reduce plunder & stop price rise? #3.14?"