Lokayukta 'lands' in soup

Lokayukta 'lands' in soup

Within two months of taking charge as the Lokayukta replacing Justice Santosh Hegde, Patil is said to have violated the Housing Cooperative Society bylaws. He owns two plots –– one in his name and another in his wife Annapurna’s name.

Annapurna was a member of Vyalikaval House-Building Cooperative Society (VHBCS) and was allotted a plot measuring 4,012 sqft near Nagavara, which was registered on October 11, 2006.

Patil purchased a 9,600-sqft plot at Allalasandra near Yelahanka through the Karnataka State Judicial Employees’ House-Building Cooperative Society (KSJEHBCS) in 1994.

According to House-Building Cooperative Society’s rule, an individual cannot own a plot if he/she or his/her family member has already been allotted a plot either by a government agency or a private housing cooperative society within the limits of local body administration where the society is located.

Since the Patils own two plots alloted through two societies, it is a clear violation of Section 10 (a) of the house-building cooperative societies bylaw, advocates pointed out.

Patil’s claims
Patil, however, claimed that they had not violated any rule while buying the plot. “The Supreme Court has already cleared the plot allotted by KSJEHBCS. The VHBCS was selling the land to rake in funds to clear debts and my wife bought the plot in an auction. The House-Building Cooperative Society’s norm that one person should own only plot in the limits of local body administration where the society is located is not applicable when auctioning takes place,” Patil said. Patil was nevertheless quick to act as soon as the controversy broke out. Annapurna returned her Nagavara plot to VHBCS on September 14.

”My wife returned the plot to ensure my credibility is not questioned,” Patil said.