Eco-friendly village is stinking

Eco-friendly village is stinking

But the village of 450 families is stinking due to inadequate drainage system. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant drain water. Most of the residents still live in huts without any basic amenities.

The villagers go to plantations to buy dry plantain leaves and prepare donnes, which are sold at Rs 10 for 100 pieces. The donnes are sold all over Chamarajanagar and neighbouring districts. The villagers do not get their due as their produce is sold through middlemen. The government has failed to provide proper housing, facilities or encourage their vocation. Even to buy dry plantain leaves, the villagers have to depend on private lenders.

Twenty years ago State Bank of Mysore had adopted the village and provided loan facilities. After completion of the project, there is no proper channel to avail loan.

The grama panchayat was providing two houses every year to the village, but since the past two years even the houses have been stopped.

The zilla panchayat laid foundation stone for the construction of a rangamandira five years ago, but there has been no progress on this front too.