Protagonists from Indian mythology

Protagonists from Indian mythology

Plain speaking: Soumya S Ayer at the launch.

Here is an author who is trying to bring about a change in the lives of this generation’s children. Keeping in mind the present urban life where life is so hectic,
parents hardly get time to spend with their children. Soumya S Ayer, the author of Dashavatar, has tried to give a child the joy of understanding Hindu mythology.
Through her book, which was launched in the City recently, Soumya has tried to interpret messages which are very much necessary for the future. An engineer by
profession, Soumya was looking for a book to read to her child, and when she did not find one, the idea of writing a perfect one came to her mind. 

Dashavatar is a collection of ten spellbinding stories for children.
    In each of the narratives, the world is on the brink of collapse, entrenched in vice and sin, when Vishnu decides to intervene and rescue it. He takes on a variety of forms, sometimes splendorous, at other times disarmingly humble. From Matsya avatar, where vishnu assumes the shape of a fish, to Vamana avatar, where he shrinks in size, from Krishna avatar, where he becomes the blue one, the eternal flutist, to
kalki, the future, where he will ride astride a horse and reinstate justice. Each of the stories speak of Vishnu’s benevolence, and the triumph of good over evil.

In a day and age where human values are fast being forgotten, the book aims to highlight the timeless significance of dharma. Soumya says, “This book is my effort to build a kind of bond between parents and children. Through my stories parents will take time off to read to their children and it will help children know about our mythology. These stories are a part of tradition and culture, every parent should share the story and the joy involved in it.”

She prefers to write books for children alone and wants to portray only Indian characters in her books.
  “Our children know about Harry Potter, Dennis et al but there are hardly any Indian characters around,” she adds.