CVC to appear before Parliamentary panel on Lokpal tomorrow

CVC to appear before Parliamentary panel on Lokpal tomorrow

Besides, the Central Vigilance Commission will also ask the Standing Committee on Personnel, Public Grievances and Law and Justice to avoid overlapping of responsibilities with Lokpal.

"The Commission will appear tomorrow to give our stand. There is a detailed presentation for the panel. The main thrust of our recommendation among others would be to avoid conflict of interest with Lokpal while allocating work and powers," a senior CVC official said requesting anonymity.

He said the Commission will also "seek vigilance net for private companies" to check corruption. Central Vigilance Commissioner Pradeep Kumar along with other senior officials will appear before the House committee.

The Commission's presentation earlier scheduled for September 7 and 15 was cancelled as no finality was reached on the panel members. The 31-member House Committee was reconstituted a few days ago.

"The panel should consider incorporating either the Central Vigilance Commissioner or one of the two Vigilance Commissioners into the Lokpal for smooth functioning," the official said.

Kumar had recently, in an interview to PTI, advocated that corruption among higher echelons of bureaucracy and politics should be brought under Lokpal ambit.
"Lokpal should cover corruption in higher bureaucracy and among political executives. There may also be a provision, as in UK bribery law, where a bribe giver is punished. We are also not against bringing corporates under the purview of Lokpal," he had said.