Where colours conversed with words

Where colours conversed with words

Chitrasante 2011

A dry-and-crispy leaf beneath pencil sketches of okra and egg plant looked so genuine.

Even the shadow beneath the curve of the leaf looked adequately dark. Having seen 3-D paintings where the subjects shone with clarity, she was all enamoured by the creativity.

“Look at this small leaf. It looks so close to reality,” she cried to her friend who was busy capturing every painting worth its salt on a sultry morning. Just as she lowered the camera, the leaf that was so-close-to-reality, hesitantly settled on another picture, blown by the breeze. Both girls broke into a chuckle, and moved on to watch the works created by next artiste at Chitrasante.

A concept to bring art closer to people, Chitrasanthe was met with rather encouraging response. Held at Metropole circle, the Sante saw majority outstation and out-of-state artists showcase their wares to make a killing of sales. Abstract art, a safe share of traditional art which found its takers eventually, nature, portraits — Chitrasante had everything. Some quoted for as high as Rs one lakh, while some small pictures in water colour went for Rs 200.

Most artists, who had arrived from other states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, interacted with connoisseurs of art, and some arranged their meetings with gallery owners from both Mysore and Bangalore.

The santhe started at 9 in the morning and went on to attract visitors till late evening.

Vibrant colours, bold presentation, affordability and space, along with a leisurely Sunday added to the success of santhe. Few artists even offered discounts to those who bought few pieces of art at one go. With vehicular traffic banned from either side of the road at Metropole circle, people meandered, did generous phone-a-friend calls before buying a work.

Portraits and body painting were a huge hit with people thronging to get themselves either pencil sketched or painted by artists. And, as it happenes at all melas, cane juice sellers, ice creams, and short eat sellers had their share of success too.