Bidding them adieu

Bidding them adieu


The ceremony witnessed the graduation of two hundred and fifty students who had successfully completed their MBAs.

During the event, certificates of graduation as well as of appreciation and merit were distributed amongst the new graduates. The college also seized this opportunity to present its meritorious pupils with achievement awards as well as prizes.

The event was attended by notables from IIBS, such as the Jay Prakash, Chairman; K Ramadas, Director; and Mrinmoy Biswas, National Head (Corporation Relations and Administration).

Talking about the event, A Srinivasulu, one of the graduating students of IIBS, said that it was an unforgettable experience, as it drove in the reality that he had finally graduated.

“I had an amazing time at the function. It was a very official programme, held mostly so that we could pick up our certificates, but it made me feel really happy as I realised I was an MBA graduate,” he said, excitedly.

While he enjoyed the oath and the invocation, he said his favourite part of the
programme were the  speeches.

“Some of them were very useful indeed. The guests gave all of us some helpful advice. The chairman of the institution also impressed many of us by quoting some useful examples from the corporate world,” he explained.

But what made the event most special for Srinivasulu was that he himself received a certificate of merit during it. “I was given an ‘Outstanding’ certificate, which means I was chosen as the best and most outstanding person of my batch,” he said proudly.