Stonewalls that stand for a legend

Stonewalls that stand for a legend

Vestige from the past

His memory has remained in the minds of the people mainly because of the fort built by him.

Local residents

The descendents of Kaki Bise Gowda are living in Mandikal and other villages like Harappanayakanahalli, Neelaturu and Doddabevahally. Late Patel H V Danduhire Gowda, a freedom fighter who fought on British against the sale of arrack was belonged to Bise gowda clan.

The political diaries and other documents of Bise Gowda’s time has now being handed to Dravidian University, Kupam for further research, a descendant of the family, Prof S V Srinivas Gowda said.

Sri Prasanna Chowdeshwari temple which is located here was also built by the palegar after his victory over Chandragiri kings of present Andhra Pradesh. His daring siege and attack on the Chandragiri fort is still recalled in the villages.

A song of his bravery in folk style is still sung in the villages. The annual festival called 'Sri Chowdeshwari Jatre' is celebrated in February every year here is a popular festival for nearby villagers also.

A three-and-a-half feet long grinding stone used to grind ragi (finger millet) in the fort in the past is still found here.

Some years ago a part of the fort collapsed due to rains. The descendants of Bise Gowda are doing their best to protect and save the fort. But to protect the huge fort is a difficult task.