Raaj-The Showman

Raaj-The Showman

Style Matters: Puneet in Raaj - The Showman.

Raaj - The Showman. Another film on an aspiring actor dreaming of making it big.

Parvatamma Rajkumar saw red when Prem called this film Poli (a loafer).

The title changed, yes, but the ‘P’ word can be found throughout the film, in keeping with the story. Long in the making, the film also generated a buzz for its outlandish locales and Harikrishna’s Hey Paro and Poli Ivanu songs.

True to the title, Raaj - The Showman packs in as many punches as possible - five heroines who worked with Rajkumar in a cameo, the hero’s name, a parody of the thespian’s songs... Prem gets it right most of the time but may appear to some as falling short of the hype.

His staple ingredients like exquisite songs and beautifully choreographed action scenes (the fight in the fog), the twists and finally, the ‘mother sentiment’ are all there. Raaj... also has discipline, patience and Puneet.

The Power Star disappoints with not a single glimpse of the much-promised ‘poli’ness , though he cuts a dashing figure with brand-new wigs and irrepressible enthusiasm. Prem draws on the people’s fanatic devotion to Appu’s iconic father and weaves a sensible yarn, keeping out most of the frills.

The film races through, with the occasional bump caused by excessive screeching by some characters. But Prem being Prem, spends some quality time with the ‘mother sentiment’ and tests the audience’s patience.

A short mention would have worked wonders instead. Still, the film has its moments - the locales of the songs, the tent cinema in hero Muttu’s village, heroine Paro’s faithful narration of events to her mom.

Priyanka is another surprise of the film. Her famous pout is replaced with a perpetually petrified look that makes even her wide smile look out of place.

S Krishna and the DI team provide the right amount of pleasure with their visual efforts.

Harikrishna’s music is first class.

The supporting cast too is strong. As for the story, well, the treatment is sufficient to make it appear just a few hours old. This showman delivers the goods.

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